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Subscription FAQs

MET-Rx® products offer all fuel and no fluff - products that have been specifically formulated with a precise nutrient profile to produce specific metabolic effects.

At MET-Rx®, we've formulated our sports performance products to provide superior nutrition that promotes optimal health and fitness,* and an easy and convenient way for you and your family to benefit from a wide spectrum of nutritional benefits.

Absolutely. In fact, MET-Rx® precision nutrition products are most effective when used with other foods.

The physiologic value of any protein is related to its amino acid composition, among other factors. Amino acids are the elemental building blocks of protein and are crucial to the operation of the majority of vital metabolic pathways.* Specific techniques help us to measure quantitatively and qualitatively the exact impact that ingesting specific amino acid arrays has on different aspects of metabolism. METAMYOSYN® Blend was formulated to achieve several specific metabolic effects, including helping to increase lean muscle and improving body composition when used in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet.* Several variations of the original METAMYOSYN® blend exist in MET-Rx® products today.

The amount of protein required per day varies per person. To calculate the exact amount of protein an individual needs, it is best to consult with a Registered Dietitian but in general, athletes and bodybuilders will require more protein to support lean muscle mass as compared to inactive individuals. Highly active individuals can consume up to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, which translates to approximately one gram of high-quality protein per pound of body weight per day.

The primary consideration when it comes to dietary sources of protein is the amino acid composition of the whole-food source. Based on extensive studies on amino acid profiling, the following list comprises several whole foods that provide high quality protein sources:

• Low or non-fat cottage cheese.
• White skinless turkey breast meat.
• Egg whites.
• Various fish like tuna, salmon and halibut.
• Broiled, skinless chicken breast.
• Lean cuts of red meat.

Yes, even people who are less active can benefit from using MET-Rx® nutrition products along with a healthy diet plan. MET-Rx products are a quick and easy way to get added nutrients into your diet that you may otherwise struggle with. It is also a great way to help you attain your daily protein goals. For optimal health and body composition, we recommend that everyone engage in some form of daily activity along with a balanced diet with adequate caloric intake.

The MET-Rx® program offers several unique advantages to women who want to improve their appearance and overall health.* Taking MET-Rx® sports nutrition products is a perfect way for women to optimize their physique.* When combined with a daily exercise program, the MET-Rx® products are designed to support your metabolism.* With MET-Rx®, you can enjoy eating balanced meals and snacks frequently throughout the day.

The solid nutrition of MET-Rx® products is also ideal for seniors. As we get older, we continue to lose lean mass and it becomes more and more difficult for us to get the nutrients we need. Maintaining muscle mass and strength is critical to maintaining a high quality of life. Good health at any age depends on good nutrition. Practically everyone can benefit from MET-Rx®.

Clearly, the best way to use MET-Rx® is to take advantage of all the elements MET-Rx® has to offer. The synergistic effects of favorable macro and micronutrients combined with a meal-patterning profile and regular exercise that includes progressive resistance training can have a significant impact on body composition.* It can also substantially improve the body’s lean muscle mass stores while improving overall vitality and health.* As a rule, meals and snacks (including MET-Rx® products) should be consumed at regular intervals throughout the day. This allows for consistent delivery of nutrients to the bloodstream and maximizes benefits.

Theoretically, yes, it is possible to attain the positive effects of MET-Rx® products with a well-balanced diet of whole foods, but it can be hard to do so. Here's why: the positive effects of MET-Rx® products result from its special formulation and precise levels of macro and micronutrients. For example, the protein component of MET-Rx®, METAMYOSYN®, is a blend of several different protein containing ingredients that are high quality and have optimal amino acid compositions.

The concept behind fortified foods is to bolster whole foods to make them extremely nutrient dense. Calorie for calorie, fortified foods provide a very high concentration of extremely important nutrients. Try to imagine a 300 calorie whole food source that offers over 50% of your daily protein requirement, 100% of your daily calcium requirement and a very high percentage of the recommended daily need of 17 + vitamins and minerals. While several whole foods contain a high concentration of a few nutrients, it's highly unusual to find any whole foods that have a broad spectrum of nutrients at very high levels.

With MET-Rx®, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the leaders in sports nutrition have done the work for you. Reaping the benefits of precise nutrition has never been easier or more convenient.